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Free Cloud App Analysis

Where is your data going? Do you know what cloud services are being used in your organisation or business? Is data being shared via public applications such as Dropbox? Find out with a free Cloud App Analysis.

Often, you need to comply with data protection and other legislation regarding data location, access and security. Unfortunately, some cloud applications pose a risk of unauthorised access to corporate data, possible data leakage and other security concerns.

Our Cloud App Analysis identifies all the cloud services accessed by the users on your network. It provides detailed usage statistics including access count, upload and download volumes and user count. This information helps you establish a position of greater control, awareness and management of your users, data and apps. The Cloud App Analysis assists the migration to secure, approved cloud services.

Until the end of May, we are offering a free Cloud App Analysis for up to 10 users. The Analysis is carried out using a monitoring tool on your network which usually runs 5 days. Once complete, you will know what apps are being used, by which users, how often they are accessed and how much traffic is being generated. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The output report report provides the basis from which more secure policies and working practices can be adopted, putting you back in control of your critical data assets.

This offer is available for both new and existing clients of 23Technology. The free Cloud App Analysis coves up to 10 users on the same network. Only one free Analysis per business or organisation.  Offer ends Friday 29 May 2015.