Networking & WiFi

  • Hyperconvergence - the next step?

    Hyperconvergence - the next step?

    Many businesses and organisations are faced with the challenge of increasing performance, efficiency and resiliency whilst lowering costs and complexity.
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  • VDI-in-a-Box


    VDI in a Box is the ideal solution for rapid deployments of 30 to 1,000 users. It is particularly well
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  • XenApp & XenDesktop

    XenApp & XenDesktop

    XenApp and XenDesktop can be used in isolation or combined to allow the separation of applications from the desktop, which
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  • Cost-efficient VDI

    Cost-efficient VDI

    Do you want to reduce both capital and operating expenditure? If you are considering a move to virtual desktops or
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  • Amazon WorkSpaces

    Amazon WorkSpaces

    Amazon WorkSpaces offers you an easy way to provide a fully managed, cloud-based desktop experience to your end-users.
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