The data that resides on your server or virtualised infrastructure is your most valuable asset. It demands adequate protection. In order to maintain the highest levels of security and meet governance requirements, you should implement backup, device and user policies to safeguard your data.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Backup services must be proven, reliable and offer ultra-fast performance. We can help with the choice of convenient, flexible cloud backup including popular public cloud storage options like Google, Amazon or Rackspace, ensuring built-in ease of use at the least cost.

    We understand you are probably looking for an easy, automated backup system so you can retain on-site control and recovery of backups but still have the added assurance of off-site cloud storage options. Our in-depth knowledge of backup and disaster recovery means we can simplify the process and reduce the cost of compliance and security.

  • Compliance & Certification

    Valuable, commercially sensitive data is regularly created and stored on your local network, PCs, laptops, mobile devices then shared via cloud services. Designed to strengthen quality management, enforce data protection protocols and secure information assets, ISO 9001 and/or ISO 27001 certification can be vital assets for your organisation.

    Our team of consultants will prepare your people and IT systems by putting in place the necessary policies and procedures. Certification shows your commitment to high standards and data security - they could be the deciding factors that win you that crucial contract.

  • Identity & Access Management

    With many users connecting to a network on three or four different devices, it can be a challenge to track permissions, provisioning and access.  Implementing identity management improves security. Through single sign-on (SSO), users can be allowed simple yet secure access to thousands of programs and apps, including Office 365.

    User management can be easily centralised - giving you total control over your network. Our identity and access management services allow you to control, analyse and audit administrative, privileged and standard user identities.

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Secure SafeWe can help with the choosing a convenient, flexible private or public cloud backup system and complete regular testing to ensure your disaster recovery strategy works.

Our in-depth knowledge of virtual server backup means we simplify the process and reduce the cost of disaster recovery - guaranteeing business services and applications will recover within service level agreements (SLAs).

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    We are Citrix and Microsoft accredited partners. Our experienced engineers deliver efficient, speedy resolution to IT problems through telephone, remote and on-site support.
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    Our team of project managers, technical architects and subject matter experts have migrated in excess of 100,000 users to virtual desktop and application delivery environments.
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