vSphere Backup

PHD Virtual Backup and Replication is the only vSphere solution that enables you to quickly meet your organization's data protection needs.

It is an easy, automated, secure cloud backup for small and mid-sized businesses with these key advantages:

  • Proven, reliable, ultra-fast performance
  • Convenient, flexible cloud backup options
  • Effortless scalability
  • Built-in ease of use, no training required
  • Instant, flexible recovery
  • Ultra-Fast Performance
  • Most effective VMware virtual backup at the least cost

PHD Virtual now offers backup directly to the cloud with the new CloudHook module, an add-on to PHD Virtual Backup and Replication 6.2 and above.  You retain on-site control and recovery of backups with the added assurance of off-site cloud storage options - choose from popular public cloud storage options like Google, Amazon, Rackspace or any OpenStack/Swift enabled provider.