AirWatch provides a comprehensive mobile security, device management and application management solution to simplify these processes across multiple device types and mobile operating systems in one single console.

AirWatch is the industry's most comprehensive solution for the enterprise. With AirWatch, you can centrally deploy, secure, monitor, manage and support corporate and employee-liable mobile devices across all major operating systems. AirWatch's highly scalable solution is designed to support an unlimited number of devices and mobile data.

The Secure Email Gateway monitors every device interaction with your corporate email infrastructure to identify any exceptions or threats. Its flexible rules engine allows or blocks devices using white lists and black lists or manually based on exceptions. AirWatch notifies IT departments when a pre-de┬Čned
incident occurs via email, text or dashboard message. To minimise impact on IT operations, AirWatch can be configured with business rules to proactively respond to specific incidents affecting security or compliance.