About us

23Technology is a virtual / cloud platform design and integration business that is changing the way organisations think about Enterprise Software and Desktops.

Why? Because we believe in better – more efficient, agile, available, fast, secure ways to deliver computing services for your local, remote and mobile workforce.  With the advent of new technologies from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware and the availability of hybrid cloud hosted environments we are able to design, migrate to and manage secure, agile IT service platforms that meet current and future demands.

Meet the team

About TonyPortraitWe bring together a diverse team of technical architects, subject matter experts and associates with a broad range of skill sets and capabilities; the overall focus is the delivery of efficient, resilient, centrally managed, highly virtualised IT platforms – whether on premise or cloud based. Our vision is to help organisations realise the efficiency, performance and availability benefits of new technology products and services, improving workforce mobility and productivity. We will achieve this by providing strategic and tactical resources to inform and demonstrate the best options, highlight the correct course of action and work in collaborative partnership to implement proficient change underpinned by first class support.

Our Director, Tony Reynolds, has spent his entire career in the IT industry, experiencing the rise of the PC, the .com boom and ASP era from both a product and services perspective. His focus is on better service and more efficient outcomes for customers in the upper mid market sector. With a selective appetite for new technology and a creative approach to solution design, Tony and the team deliver real world competitive advantage and cost efficiency for corporate businesses and public sector organisations.


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